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Medical Insurance Benefits

Medical Insurance BenefitsMedical Insurance Benefits 

Group Medical Benefits (also known as “group health insurance”) is often the third largest non-producing expense for most businesses.  Although group health insurance benefits are classified as a company expense, it is a very important human resources tool to attract and keep quality employees. It is also an emotional topic when it comes to the quality of care balanced against the cost to employees and your company.

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HR Services

Human Resources Services

HR Support Center allows you to easily find and understand those state and federal laws that pertain to your daily business operations. You also have access to an extensive (customizable) Employee Handbook, forms, policies, and letters that would take an HR department of uncommon skill to create for you.

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Private College Tuition Benefit Program

Private College Tuition Discounts

Private College Tuition Benefit Program – For employers with 50 employees or more,  Economic Evaluation Group, Inc. offer a unique program where a child can get up to the value of a full years worth of college from one of over 200 colleges. This program is provided at no cost to the employer and no obligation to buy anything to the employee. Click here for more information.

Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning – Is your company getting the financial planning for the expense? Are your employees getting a good return on their financial plans?


In this day and age it is important to know that each individual is overall responsible for their own retirement planning. As an employer it is important to point your employees in the right direction.

As a courtesy for our customers, Economic Evaluation Group, Inc. offers a service called “Benefits Central”.  Benefits Central is a customizable, Internet-based system, used to explain your company’s benefits to your employees.  


It is important to implement systems that will help the average employee understand their role in retirement planning as well as help the employer take advantage of the deductions that they are entitled to.

Retirement planning products and services include Profit Sharing Plans, 401(k) Plans, 403(b) Plans, 412(i) Plans, Simplified Employee Pension (SEP) Plans, Life Insurance in a Qualified Plans, and other Retirement Income Sources.


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Life InsuranceLife Insurance

 Life Insurance for Businesses  

There are many uses of life insurance for long-term strategic planning for businesses.

Economic Evaluation Group, Inc. will work with your Attorneys, CPAs, Accountant, and other qualified advisors to help fund their strategic suggestions.

In the event that your company does not already have talented advisors, Economic Evaluation Group, Inc. has surrounded ourselves with a network of highly qualified and highly skilled people who we can help recommend.

Life Insurance can be used to fund business continuation planning and buy/sell agreements. Life Insurance can also be used for key-person (also called key man insurance).

Continuation Planning:
In the event of the passing of a Partner of a business, continuation planning can be used to provide the funding to continue the business or to transfer the ownership properly.  Authorized Financial advisors, attorneys or CPAs may suggest the use of a Buy/Sell agreement funded by life insurance.  A Buy/Sell agreement specifies how the business will change hands between owners. Often Life Insurance is used for the surviving partner(s) to buy out the ownership from the deceased Partner’s estate.

Key Person (Key Man Insurance)
Key Person Insurance (Key Man Insurance) is used to protect the company from the loss of an employee whose skill set is vitally important to the operations and health of the company. In the event of the loss of a key person, Life insurance can be used to either finance the company in order cover expenses or replace the lost vital employee.

Life Insurance – Are you sure you have the right balance of insurance to cover the well-being of the people who you care about? Do you want your estates inheritance taxes paid by insurance? Are you paying too much right now?

Contact us for a free evaluation on how we may be able to help you. 

Estate Planning
Estate Planning

Estate Planning - When individuals die, the estates they leave can be subject to depletion by taxes and by costs associated with disposition of the estate, especially when there has been no planning to minimize these costs.

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DisibilityDisability Insurance

Disability – What would happen to you, your family and your lifestyle if some unforeseen event happened? The time to prepare is before you need it. Contact us to understand the best available options for your situation. If the option work for you we can set you up with the perfect coverage.


What are some of my Disability options?

Long Term

Long Term Care Insurance

Long Term Care – What might happen to you and your spouse in your elder care years? What quality of life do you require? Do you want in-home care or a higher quality health care facility?

Have you ever thought about these questions before? If you have not, who will decide? … Your Children? Your Relatives? The Government? 

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Tax Incentives

Tax Incentives

Tax Incentives - Are you (or your company) entitled to tax incentives? You need to be proactive in gathering tax incentives. By the time an accountant closes the books at the end of the year, the maximum incentives may no have been captured.

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