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How to Save money on Medical Insurance (Health Insurance Benefits) if you are a Canadian Company operating in the United States or a US company Operating in Canada

Economic Evaluation Group, Inc. of Jericho New York has a strong ability to potentially save Canadian and United States business money on Health Insurance (Medical Benefits) and offer a wider variety of Insurance choices. This is done by Economic Evaluation Group, Inc.’s reciprocal strategic partnership with very reputable Canadian Insurance Brokerage firms.

Traditionally, Canadian Insurance brokers who are helping their Canadian client’s United States subsidiaries usually only have a choice of a company called CANUS Trust Insurance Company. CANUS Trust is a well known company but is often a larger investment for the Canadian and U.S. companies who use their services.

The reason that CANUS Trust was traditionally offered was because most Canadian companies have limited access to a full list of U.S. Insurance companies. In fact, many times CANUS Trust is the only company offered.  On the other hand, U.S. Insurance brokers also have limited choices to services their client’s divisions operating in Canada.


As an analogy; it is like a Canadian freight forwarder only offering the United States Postal service as the only shipping option just because the do not have an account with Federal Express, United States Postal Service, DHL, Guaranteed Overnight Delivery, and other freight companies. 


As a reciprocal example, US freight companies (to continue this analogy) might only have the Canadian Postal Service listed as their only choice of inter-country freight companies.

On the one hand, the package will make it to Canada (or the US) as expected; but on the other hand it is possible that the company overpaid for the service since the rates were not compared to a myriad of competitive freight companies.



Back to Insurance examples:
By Economic Evaluation Group partnering with reputable brokerage companies in Canada, each company is able to do the leg work and help out all of the US and Canadian  clients with the full list of choices available within the marketplace.   There is no longer a “one size fits all” approach to international benefits.

Economic Evaluation Group, Inc. has partnered with quality Canadian and US resources who can provide medical benefits at a decent price savings compared to CANUS Insurance. In Return, these Canadian Insurance Brokers utilize Economic Evaluation Group, Inc. to help navigate them through the stormy waters of US Insurance companies.

Because of this cooperation, our customers become the big winners.

If you are a Canadian company operating in the United States contact Economic Evaluation Group, Inc. to find out if you might be able to save money and have more options on your health insurance. If you are a US company operating in Canada Economic Evaluation Group will be happy to refer you to our partners up North. 



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