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Group Health Insurance - Care Connect Long Island Insurance Issue / Participation Requirements / Open Enrolement

- CareConnect is Non-renewing groups effective December 1,2017
- They did not have minimum patriation requirements.
- Most carriers have requirements
- Between Nov 15 and Dec 15, For a Jan 1 Start date, Carriers may not impose participation requirements.

This is Miriam

She is a Business Owner. Right Now she has problems:
- Employee Benefits are too expensive
- Affordable Care Act is too confusing.
- Her company is not serviced well.
- She is not attracting good talent.

 Then she found Economic Evaluation Group, Inc.
- Experts in Group Benefits.|
- Experts in Affordable Care Act compliance.
- Outside the box ideas.
- Provides concierge service.

 So now:
- The company saved money.
- Benefits are great.
- She attracted the right people she needed to grow her company.
- Miriam is a Hero.

 You can be like Miriam. Contact us now.




As soon as January 1, 2016 Employer Groups between 51 and 100 full time equivalent employees will be treated as a small group employer.


What does that mean?


We have read and heard from a lot of smart people, economists, actuaries, think tanks, and statisticians who have theorized how the 2016 change in the Health care laws can affect the overall markets.


These experts use a lot of fancy words and can argue the impact can be good for some businesses and bad for other businesses.


The fact is that you are not an overall market. You are an individual business and should be treated as such.


Employee benefits are both an expense and a tool.


Economic Evaluation Group, Inc. are experts on knowing your options


So while the economists bicker over the impact, let us look at your specific situation, and your renewal and help you understand all of your options.


You may or may not decide to hire us, and that is OK but you will be glad we met.


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